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Koins for Kenya Foundation Project overview 2010- 2013








Koins for Kenya Foundation has been involved in quite a number of activities for the period 2010-2013 all in an effort to achieve our mission.

Below is a summary of our projects from the year 2010-2013


Classrooms and Desks

1)      Miguneni primary School- 2 classrooms, 60 desks

2)      Mwache primary School- 3 classrooms ,180 desks

3)      Gona Primary School- 3 classrooms,180 desks

4)      Dzivani Primary School – 4 classrooms, 240 desks

5)      Dzendereni primary School – 6 classrooms, 360 desks

6)      Miyani Primary School – 2 classrooms, 120 desks

7)      Bofu Primary School – 2 classrooms, 120 desks

8)      Majengo Primary School- 4 classrooms, 240 desks

9)      Chikomani primary School – 1 classroom, 60 desks

10)  Vikolani Prmary School- 1 classroom, 60 desks

11)  Peku Elementary School – 1 classroom, 4 tables and 8 benches

12)  Mkanyeni Primary School- 2 classrooms, 60 desks

13)  Guro Primary School- 2 classrooms, 60 desks

14)  Mabesheni Primary School- 2 classrooms, 60 desks

Total number of classrooms constructed by Koins For Kenya- 53

Total number of desks and chairs- 1770


Water cisterns

1)      Miguneni primary School- 1                           

2)      Mwache primary School- 1                             

3)      Gona Primary School- 1                                             

4)      Dzivani Primary School – 1                                        

5)      Dzendereni primary School – 1                                                                      

6)      Bofu Primary School – 1                                                                                            

7)      Peku Elementary School – 1                           

8)      Mkanyeni Primary School- 1                          

9)      Guro Primary School- 1                      

Total number of Water cisterns constructed by Koins For Kenya - 17



1)      Miguneni primary School- 4                                                   

2)      Gona Primary School- 4                                                                                 

3)      Bofu Primary School – 4                                                                                            

4)      Mnyenzeni Primary School- 4

5)      Bofu Secondary School- 4

6)      Vikolani Primary School- 8

7)      Miyani Primary School- 4

8)      Dzivani Primary School- 4

Total number of toilets built by Koins For Kenya- 32


Sean Michels School

Construction of the Sean Michels School Kitchen

Plastering the floors of both the boys and girls dormitories and the teachers’ quarters’.

Connection of piped water supply to the school

Introduction of a chicken project to teach poultry keeping to the SMS students and to supply eggs and chicken meat for their consumption.


Our scholarship program currently has a total of 73 students.

48 students are in our Secondary School scholarship program while 25 are in our University/college scholarship program.

4 of our students have so far graduated from university and are now working citizens.



Koins For Kenya has purchased land that has been turned into a demonstration farm.  In partnership with the Institute of Self- Reliant Agriculture, Koins For Kenya uses the farm to teach proper farming and animal husbandry techniques together with nutrition and hygiene to the community members. The Koins For Kenya demonstration farm holds a goat pen with 60 Gala goats, a chicken coop with 90 local breed chickens and 250 of the improved breed. 

The farm also hold a dam – Kevin’s creek- to provide water for the gardens throughout the year. Some of the crops grown at the farm include drought resistant sorghum, cassava, cowpeas, green grams, fodder crops, fruit trees and two tree farms.  

We have also established demonstration farms in Gona Primary School, Mkanyeni village and Guro village.  Koins For Kenya and SRA have introduced perpetual chicken projects with 30 families spread over 3 villages and partnered with selected farmers who act as our Para professionals.


Microbusiness and enterprise

Koins For Kenya makes all the blocks used for its construction work.  In addition, we also make all the windows and doors required for construction and desks supplied to the schools at the Ben and Kate Taylor workshop.  As a result we provide employment to 11 young men to make the blocks and 6 men who work at our workshop. We also cater for all the carpentry and metal work needs of the community at a subsided price.

We have recently introduced an Mpesa shop at the Koins community Centre. M-PESA is an innovative mobile transfer solution that enables customers to transfer money. It is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account, either by choice, because they do not have access to a bank or because they do not have sufficient income to justify a bank account.  Almost all of our community members’ fall into this category and the Mpesa shop has proven to be a great service to our community members in over 10 villages.

Health and sanitation

Koins For Kenya provides baby blankets and reusable diapers to all the mothers who deliver babies at the Mnyenzeni dispensary. This encourages the mothers to deliver at the dispensary where they can get proper health care and reduces neonatal deaths by up to 50%.  It also decreases the risks of the mothers dying during childbirth when complications arise.

The mothers are also given hygiene kits as a way to promote hygiene with the new moms and to reduce the risk of infections.




Koins for Kenya has done the following projects since 2005 within its service area:

Mnyenzeni Primary School

a)      Renovation of classrooms by putting new roofing sheets and floors.

b)      Construction of five toilets for girls

c)       Renovation of water cistern

d)      Construction of three classrooms

e)      Construction of 100 desks

f)       Construction of school library

g)      Construction of a teachers lounge and headteachers office.

h)      Supply of library books, stationary and office furniture

Miguneni Primary School

a)      Construction of Four classrooms

b)      Construction of school library

c)       Construction of teachers lounge

d)      Supply of library books, stationary and office furniture

e)      Provision of 100 Desks

Miyani Primary School

a)       The construction of a water cistern

b)       The provision of 160 Desks

c)       The provision of school supplies, hygiene kits and library books

d)       The construction of the Sean Micheal School for Children with special needs.

Mwache Primary School

a)       The construction of a water cistern

b)       The construction of one classroom

c)       Provision of library books

d)       Provision of school supplies and hygiene kits

Mnyenzeni Secondary School

1)       Construction of five classrooms

2)       Construction of two science centers

3)       Construction of five toilets

4)       Construction of the LEM Dormitory

5)       Construction of two chicken coops

6)       Provision of desks

7)       Provision of library books

8)       Construction of the school library

Bonje Primary School--construction of two classrooms

MNYENZENI METHODIST CHURCH--Provision of 30 benches


1)       Construction of two classrooms and office

2)       Provision of 50 desks

3)       Construction of a water cistern

Emily Brown School--Vikolani

1)       Construction of one classroom and office

2)       Provision of 30 desks,toys and school stationary 


This has been done through initiating the following projects:

1)        Drilling of three boreholes at Mwache, Miguneni and Bofu

2)       Digging of earth dams at Miyani


Koins for Kenya has worked in partneship with the LDS Charities in the following program:

1)       Training all health providers in Kinango District on Neo-natal and Rescuscitation program

2)       Donating of medical equipment and drugs to hospitals and clinics

3)       Working with stakeholders like Kenya Red Cross Society in training CBOs on HIV- Awareness program

4)       Koins is a member of the Kinango District Health stakeholders forum


Koins for Kenya has been involved in the following program

1)       Providing tractor services to farmers and subdizing the cost of farming

2)       Cultivating school farms with an aim of subsidizing the school feeding program.

3)       Selling farm inputs to farmers.


Koins for Kenya has established a scholarship program for the bright and needy learners. A total of four students are enrolled in the public universities in Kenya and Uganda. Another group of 86 students are enrolled in secondary school.


With an aim of empowering the women, Koins for Kenya has started the following micro-businesses which aims at bringing services closer to the people in the service area. The products are:

1)       Sewing of school uniforms

2)       The chicken ranch where eggs are collected and sold.

3)       Welding

4)       Carpentry

5)      Selling of drinks and ice cubes

6)       Charging of cell phones

7)       The use of the Koins community center to conduct meetings, workshops, seminars and training.


Koins for Kenya is constructing two classrooms, a cistern and an office.

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