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Donate Your Funds


What Can Your Donation Provide?

$40 = A desk that can sit 3 students
$100 = 50 new books for the library
$400 = A one year tuition scholarship for a high school student

$2,500 = A one year tuition scholarship for a university student
$3,500 = A 30,000 liter water cistern

$4,000 = A bore hole/well that will provide fresh, clean water to a village

$9,000 = a classroom building that can house 100 children


Sponsor a student or project:

Help us continue our progress by sponsoring projects or programs which are life-changing. Go to What We Do


Donate Here

In the Donation Destination drop down box, choose where you want your donation to go.

By Mail or By Phone

To make your donation by mail, download a Donation Form and mail along with a check to:

Koins for Kenya
19 West 550 North
Farmington, UT 84025

Or by phone, call (801) 589-9384. (Note: Please have the following information ready: name, address, credit card information, including security code, and donation amount)

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