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Student Sponsorship ($400/YEAR)

Many of the districts within the Coast Province of Kenya are amongst the poorest in the country. In Kinango District where Koins for Kenya Foundation is based, 70% to 80% of residents live below the poverty line.

The Koins For Kenya Scholarship program was started to help the intelligent, hardworking and highly motivated students in the Koins For Kenya service area who were in jeopardy of losing the ability to attend school due to lack of funding.  The cost of a Secondary school education represents the average yearly income for many families, making education nearly impossible to afford.


When the program first began, Koins For Kenya offered scholarships only to students at Mnyenzeni Secondary School, the only Secondary School which was present in the Koins For Kenya service area.

But as the years have passed, Koins For Kenya has been blessed with donors who have built schools all over the area.  More schools, more classrooms, more children in class, more opportunities to learn.  The outcome has been amazing!  Now, because of more access to learning, our kids are scoring higher and higher every year on the national exams that determine WHERE they can go to school.  Koins For Kenya now has students in Mnyenzeni Secondary, and in Provincial and National schools all over Kenya!   Does a better education help ensure movement on to university?  Absolutely!  And we have seen this in action.  We have, over the past six years, educated over 25 students in universities in and around Kenya. What a success this has been!

The general tuition cost at Mnyenzeni and Bofu which are the local secondary schools is $ 400.00 per year.  The costs at the Provincial and National schools range between $700 to $ 1000 per year.  Our university students' tuitions run about $ 2,500 per year, depending on the university that they are attending and the circumstances of their admittance.

If you would like to pay for the education of a student, you can do that with a check or a credit card. Secure credit card contributions can be made through our website donation page choose Scholarship Fund as your donation destination. Check contributions can be made to Koins for Kenya, and mailed to 19 West 550 North, Farmington, Utah 84025, and be sure to specify “Scholarship donation” on your check.

Koins For Kenya through its scholarship coordinators in Kenya and the USA will establish communication between the student and the sponsor. You will receive a letter from your sponsored student with a report card of their grades three times a year. It will be your choice to extend this communication further. Imagine the possibilities: If you have school children of your own, you can encourage their communication with a sponsored student and teach some life lessons about cultural and lifestyle differences. If you teach school, you can encourage your class to contribute to the scholarship of a student, and the class can communicate with that student. Regardless of your purpose, to give the gift of education to one of these Kenyan students will change their lives for good forever.




The Sean Michels School was completed in 2008. It is equipped to teach and house 30 students with special needs, most who would not be able to attend school because of those needs. The Sean Michels School for Special Needs is the first school of its kind in the south east coastal region of Kenya, where Koins serves. Initially, there will be 30 special needs children boarded and taught there. The Sean Michels family has taken the fundraising for this project upon themselves, with a goal to provide a perpetual fund to provide the ongoing boarding and education of the children at this school.

The SMS is located in the village of Miyani, on the grounds of the Miyani Primary School. It is the largest structure Koins has undertaken to build to date. There are two dorm rooms, one for boys and one for girls, a large classroom, and a small room to house the matron, who will take care of the children who will live there. The idea of the SMS is simple: provide education for special needs children who, for a variety of reasons, cannot be properly educated in the current school system in Kenya. The government has provided a specially trained special needs teacher. He has interviewed families within the villages Koins serves and found 30 students who qualify for an education such as the SMS can provide; i.e., teachable but with limitations that keep them from attending the public school system.

Our hope is to provide an education for these children, many who have never been to school. By receiving an education, they will have a much better chance to be productive within their society. If possible for them to integrate with mainstream school at some point, that will be the goal. If not, the SMS will continue to provide their education. We have chosen an initial 30 students, with the intention of adding more children with time.

Our hope is that we will find sponsors to provide for the expense of educating these children from year to year. The cost per child is 300.00. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these special needs students, please contact Nancy Littlefield (  Nancy Littlefield and Lisa Michels, Sean’s mother, will work to create communication about the child you have sponsored. In many cases, these special needs students cannot write or communicate with you; however, we will look for ways to keep you informed about your sponsored student.

You can read more about how the Sean Michels School project came to be here.

and here

You can read about the Michels family experiences at the official opening of the Sean Michels School here.

(List of students forthcoming)

University Student Sponsorship ($2,500/YEAR)

The superstars who qualify for university (less than 2% of the secondary students), are those who will make the most impact on our area in the future.  They are required to pay $2,500 per year for tuition, books, room and board to attend one of several Kenyan universities.

Each sponsored student will write letters to their sponsors at least three times per year, sharing their progress, including a copy of their recent report cards, and where they rank in their class.  These wonderful students recognize that their sponsors hold their future in their hands, and are grateful beyond measure that they have an opportunity to continue their education.  Monthly donations for our university students makes it easy to sponsor one of our gifted children who have fought a valiant battle to arrive at this unbelievable pinnacle of diligence. You will not sponsor an empty name with the Koins for Kenya scholarships, but will develop a true kinship with a student whose education and training will impact the future of our village area.

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