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Our Team

Our Team - USA

The Koins Board of Directors oversees all of the Koins for Kenya Projects. Our mission is to strive to assist developing communities in eliminating dependency by providing long-term solutions for everyday problems through programs that are self-sustaining and use education as their foundation.

All board members are volunteers, contributing their time, expertise, resources and ideas to the building and advancement of rural communities in Kenya.

One thing that sets Koins for Kenya apart from many non-profit organizations is that there is no donated money that goes to pay for salaries, administrative costs, or the overhead required to run Koins.  The board covers those costs as well as donating their time and talents towards the work in Kenya.


Our Team - Kenya

Our Team  - Kenya

The Kenyan based Board of Directors for Koins is comprised of local villagers who live and work in the communities within the Koins service area.  They provide direction to the American board based upon their interaction with village councils and local leaders, all on a volunteer basis.

Each board member is responsible for a program area, i.e. water, construction, agriculture, health.  The local board ensures that work is completed on a timely basis, programs are implemented as designed, and the village areas do their part as per their agreement with Koins.

The importance of this local board is that it solidifies our goals in village presence towards self-sustainability of projects.  These individuals have spent their lives in the area that we serve, therefore they are familiar with local leadership, customs and culture, ensuring the success of all of Koins programs. 


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