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What We Do

Initially, all Koins projects were education based - schools, libraries, science center, etc. As we progressed, in order to maintain balance in our service area, Koins incorporated farming and agricultural programs, water retention systems, and micro-business ventures, uplifting the entire community. The Koins board in Kenya proposes projects and budgets to the Koins board in the U.S. and project selection is based on the following considerations:

• Most urgent needs. Whether it's the need for a new school building, latrines, scholarships, water projects or to aid a micro-business, no one knows the needs better than our leaders who actually live within our service area. Each project requires monetary and non-skilled labor participation from those who will benefit. This ensures a strong sense of accountability and ownership.

• Best use of donor funds. Through the Koins qualification process, along with our required village participation, no one can stretch a donated dollar further than Koins.

• All donated funds go toward projects. Koins is dedicated to this concept. This has been our position from our very first project, and continues to be our mantra.

• Village beneficiaries must meet the 10% requirement. No project starts without the full monetary participation of the community, and non-skilled labor commitment (foundation digging, mixing cement, hauling sand and gravel to site, etc.) Koins has established a strong working environment within our village area. The villagers recognize that Koins will come through with our commitment, so they willingly do whatever is necessary to raise their 10%, sometimes requiring months and even years of personal sacrifice.

Our projects focus on the following areas:




Community Development



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